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Mukesh Kaushal | MukeshKaushal.Com | A Digital Platform is a straight way to learn every micro things about Technology and other online Education. Mukesh Kaushal and Mukeshkaushal.com is a smart and straight way to learn about Digital Media Concepts, New technology, Gadgets, Laptops etc.

Who is Mukesh Kaushal

Mukesh Kaushal is a Founder, Owner and Chief Executive Officer of WireKhoj India Private Limited. The purpose of this digital platform is to reach people to all the information for which they keep wandering on the internet in many places.

Mukesh kaushal

Mukesh Kaushal is an inspiration for those people who are enthusiastic to know about all those things related to technology in their life, they have to face a lot of difficulties in knowing them, but Mukesh Kaushal has solved all these problems in one of his Organized into blogs.

Mukesh Kaushal Technology and Concept defined and reviewed the computer’s programming and conceptual based technical terms that fulfil the basic understanding in every human that are connected with the internet. Mukesh Kaushal helps to peoples to understand everything in computers and internet world.

Mukesh Kaushal Carrier Point

Mukesh Kaushal used to be a bong from a middle class family and the financial condition of his house was not so good that he could afford his own business, so at that time Mukesh Kaushal took a loan of ₹ 2000 from an application.

He thought that after some time he would have so much money that he could repay that loan comfortably, but the time was taking his exam as I thought nothing happened but he did one day by day and one night of his blog. Work hard and give a new direction to this blog.

But after some time this blog did not run much and they closed it but after that they opened a new blog called Sure Online. Mukesh Kaushal wanted to gain fame in his life and wanted to earn so much money in his life so that the lives of needy people could improve and they could also get a new life.

But they shut down the Shore Online block and they thought that Mukesh Kaushal should work on the block itself and be given a flight to a new high, as time went on and he started working on it.

Mukesh Kaushal Education Qualification

I am saving an average in my life and I have seen all the ups and downs in my life that a child of a middle class family must see so that he can do something big in life and do something different in this world. To brighten the name of your country and countrymen too.

Mukesh Kaushal studied up to eighth at Government Primary School, Jabal in Solan district of Himachal Pradesh. After finishing the eighth grade, he moved to another  Govt. sen. sec. school Diggal in which he studied from ninth grade to 12th class.

He wanted to do something different in his life, wanted to do something big. He had a dream to become a capable person and he completed his graduation from Government College Nalagarh.

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