Attitude – Positive attitude, Attitude is Everything

Attitude is everything, today we understand about attitude. Attitude is most relevant for the 18- 35 age group. It is most important to understand for anybody never going into it what the exact meaning of this topic is.

Everybody thinks that our attitude should be Positive attitude. What do you mean by the Positive Attitude ? Must you think that a positive attitude is being happy to have insight. Attitude is down for any reason.


Without reason we will not be happy, Whenever anything behind no reason until then does not become important. Until that work does not become important till that time it does not work.

If we crack any exam like the entrance exam ,then what is the meaning of a positive attitude? Our family is thinking the meaning of positive attitude is “ Think Positive You clear it all “. But it is still a big mistake.

This is not a positive attitude , it is a foolish attitude because a positive attitude is impacted by reason it must be based upon your action. If your attitude is positive on the basis of the result , that attitude is not a positive attitude.

This is because people doing our life are bad and more children are going into depression because you and your family did not understand deeply about it.

What is the flow of this foolish attitude means you decide the positive attitude at the base of the result. If you think that will be mine, will be mine then your mind will acapt will be mine.

Not even after then what happened to you? You will be gone in diffraction and you are surprised because you will accept it strongly in your mind.More big acceptance equally big shock.


Your acceptance will not complete even that level. Your heart is broken and feels bad.What to be and what not be in our hand but something is in our hand. I don’t say that there is nothing in our hand but gradually something in our mind.

Positive must based upon you action i.e. That action taken in past or present is taking may or future taker .It must not be based upon result because the expectation is much increased when that expectation does not complete means your dream is breakdown that you think at that time.

Strong axpaction you will fear and by fear you will not do any work that is the main reason behind it. If you action is hundred present should be successful. 

Action is hundresnt presents and expectation is zero percent then the chances are almost a hundred full to become successful. Observe your action, strength and make decisions on the basis of it.

If you have a positive attitude on this basis then it is too good. Any work done with smart work for example you still work hard on study without doing any smart work then you reading is zero. If you do smart work then you will grow up.

Many people are more serious with their work but they do not have any capability. For example, people stand up in race but all people are serious but do not have capability to win this race. That is an amazing fact. It is a competition.

But the twenty percent people have everything in. action, serious and capability they cracked any exam of any race.Voltair to taen that level he prepared action. It is not done with talking, thinking but it will happen.

Now you have a different level of It because you have positivity based upon your ation. Now you will succeed anywhere. 

It is everything but always remember that Positive attitude make only on action level dont make on result level. Be happy and make your family happy.

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