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Carrer is a way in which your life is stuck, without Career and skills you are nothing.Every student in every hour attempts the wrong method in India.Mostly because of the stress of career.

Think before you start a career, which career is best for you, think which work is made for you then you can enjoy your life more. Stress of life is less, in which career we have how much growth of that career.

We understand in this article which career is best for you and how to choose the best and right career.

As per the report of NASSCOM, every year more than 30 lakhs Graduate and Postgraduate students are out, in which only 35% percent students become employees.

Only 35% students are preferred for the jobs, only 20% are happy with their jobs and  80% are not happy. 15- 29 years old youth of India, 30% are unemployed and ideal.

Where India’s Government is running a many variety of programs i.e. “Sarv Siksha Abhiyan, Skill India, PMKVY, Digital India, Made in India.

There are many types of scholarships given by the Government even all students are confused and stressed with their career.They frustrated go into career keeps them completely free.

Lacks of Clarity

Students don’t know what to do next because they lack clarity. Mistakes are not ours, everyone is engaged in shaping their career according to their owns.Father’s dream that he didn’t complete it. They want my son to fulfill my dreams. Doctor wants his son to be a doctor.

Naighbourhood said that the mind is too sharp, get IAS prepared.We think science takes because all his friends are taking science.They are taking science we will stay together.

Surprisingly, students don’t know what to do in the future.

  • Country having more than 800 universities, 39000+ colleges , country which has the capacity to teach 2 crore students.
  • 3rd largest education system in the world.
  • Those things of the students are ignored such as his personality, attitude, aptitude,best career option for him etc.

This work is being done in big cities but some schools in cities are running like they used to run 50-60 years ago.

Children have made their dream that they will do the government jobs.Whatever exam came forward gave it i.e. CDS, UPSC, Commission,Bank job, Railway etc. There is no clarity.

When on the given exam and went to the field which cleared the exam,then why won’t there be further frustration, negative thoughts.

Wrong Career Stream

Wrong Career Stream is a big cause of the stress in career. Friends saw parents take some streams as they said but there is no interest and after analysing that the increase is somewhere.

Now next, they realize what subject is best for him and what is the exam is best for us. But it’s getting too late.When you were to choose the wrong career then didn’t get the success, happyness. Because you are doing that thing which you do not work and are interested in.

They didn’t get happiness, success and after they were frustrated.There are many types of stress.

  • Family Pressure
  • Expenses
  • Society Pressure

There is a lot of pressure and resultant  quarrels at home, irritated, Said, anxious. Then you become intoxicated.


How to know which career is best for you. We take out your potential, growth and happiness without stress.

  • Knowing yourself : We are more interesting to know than we know ourselves.We keep watching others not focus on yourself.When you focus on yourself then you know what is best for you and what do you want to do? There is connection and similarity.
  • Take a career assessment test where you know the psychometric analysis, behavioral analysis, attitude test, aptitude test etc.

Important factors

  1. Strength
  2. Weakness
  3. Short term Goals
  4. Long term Goals

In short you give your own interview then you know your thought pattern, Behaviour pattern, aptitude and attitude.


Understand the options and research on them. Invest time in yourself.Even if your front has more career options, it is good because your attention is indexing yourself.See where your interest is and what is best for you.

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