How to earn money from Social Media 2020

Social media is one of the vast and easy platforms to grow your thoughts, Business and earn money.Today i am talking about how to earn money from Social Media.Such a hobby in which your money doesn’t go but it also returns from you.

Such a hobby, make a source of your money only possible in 21th century.On an average, spend two and a hours on social media. 

Where people spend their time on social media, Some people waste our time,some people invest our time in different platforms and some people take advantage of it and earn a good income.

You do not need any investment, huge following, costly car, costly makeup, expensive camera, huge experiences to earn money from social media.You have need for one thing that is direction.

Today I am talking about this golden opportunity called influencer marketing.To fulfill your dreams by becoming an influencer and living your life yourself without any hesitation and fear.

Influencer Marketing

If you are active and connected on social media then you are an influencer. Will you be able or not to take advantage of becoming an influencer?

Firstly we understand what the company is doing and what the company is looking for.Company wants to reach their products from people.

Company does a lot of marketing for it i.e. advertising,huge panels or boards, Advertising by Stars and cricketers, events etc.

Before 2 years companies start to understand these things.We give more money for stars and cricketers that money is divided into influencers. 

  • Those people are connected or active on social media then celebrities will cost less.
  • Many ads are going on in Market.
  • Diversified reach 
  • According to speed
  • According to budgetingsthe

Companies start these things with many followers and fan following people on social media.Company gives the products to social influencers and speaks and stays in our hotels and reviews.

Use our phone/ gadget and review it. If you like the features then share features and experience to your profile.Company try it by different methods and got the amazing result.

The avidense of this result,Influencer Marketing industry is 8 billion dollars as of 2019. In 2020, the influencer marketing industry will grow to 15 – 20 billion dollars. It is making double how many influencers are connected with it.

Approximatly 50 crore internet users in India.Every brand wants to reach people. Every brand is not if our product is reached by the medium of social media influencer then it is in chepers and good.

  • Brands clears everything that if we used the celebrity, cricketers then will have to spend more as compared to social media influencers.
  • Celebrities are not personally connected with the audience and fans and influencers are well connected with audiences.
  • Celebrities do not use the product but social media influencers will use the products and give reviews.
  • Smaller reach by celebrity as compared to social media influencers.

Types of Influencer

  1. Video Influencer
  2. Blog Influencer
  3. Social Media Influencer
  4. Celebrity Influencer

If we understand the concept of influencer then you know 4 types of the influencers.

Mega Influencer

Influencing by social media but huge following i.e. 1 Millions Followers on Instagram, Youtube etc. called Mega Influencer.


  • Divided audience
  • Expansive
  • Low Personal engagement
  • May not ensure every brand

Macro Influencer

Influenced by social media but following is more than 10 Lakhs on Instagram, Youtube called Macro Influencer.


  • Specific Brand Needed

Micro Influencer and Nano Influencer

Increased the scope of both categories. Many big brands leave Mega and Macro influencer and go to Micro and nano Influencer.

Micro Influencer

Influencing by social media but followers is more than 10 thousand on Youtube, Instagram called micro influencer.


  • Strong engagement
  • Defined Audience

Nano Influencer

Followers in the midst of Thousand to Ten Thousand on Instagram and social Media called Nano Influencer.


  • Limited Audience
  • Engage Audience
  • Personal touch with audience
  • Not expensive audience

Many of the company uses strategies that 100 micro influencers should be rejected by 1 because they reached widely to their audience

Price Rating For Nano Influence

Less than 5000 Instagram followers will take Rs.8000 per post.

Micro Influencer Price

Around 30000 instagram followers, will take Rs.18000 per post.

Mega and Macro Influencers Price

More than 50000 followers on Instagram, will take Rs.700000 per post.

How to Become an Influencer ?

If your full focus on to achieve fame then your not become an influencer because you’re inside should be a passion i.e. Laughing, education, reading etc. then you can become an influencer.

Some people are saying that life is very easy and not doing any job. You don’t achieve anything by restful life.You learn many things in this field. This field is very creative, everyday new challenge, everyday new learning.

There is no limits for learning


Things to do become a successful influencer. Now I will teach you step by step.

Step 1 – Choose a basic category in which you are a player in the particular field.

Step 2 – Now select your platform related to your topic.

Step 3 – Give value to the people.

Step 4 – Engage or connect with your audience.

So, this is the proper topic for becoming an influencer and earning money from social media.

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