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Earning money online is a basic question in your mind.Today i will share you full digital opportunity and business plan on how to start income from zero to lakhs.I will show you a full blueprint.

How to start a career and create a business. So, we all know about this digital opportunity that we are called Book Tubing. This means creating videos about books on youtube.

Book Tubing was started by Spanish youtuber Javier Ruescas in 2010.Today you all know that video is growing day by day in youtube. More than 30 crore consumers in India.

And Next year this number is growing up to 37 Crore that means 36 crore users are on youtube.Videos and Knowledge industry is growing at the very fast rate. Now you see the big storm is going on.

 In this place some peoples are growing with bad noises, some peoples are growing to provide knowledge, the peoples are growing by changing themselves and changing this world.

I shared with you a full business plan, full blueprint. In 4 phases it starts from zero, you can create a big business and grow income.I am ready for talking these tips with you.

Phase 1

This phase is an average of 3 months with my calculations, this phase is more important. In this phase of doing some effort, it’s natural because it starts from zero.

Foundation Strong

It depends upon which type of videos you created on starting days.

  • Some people laid their faces on camera and discussed books.
  • Some people’s only  record the audio.
  • Some peoples create the animated videos and some peoples doing reviews, more types of tricks you decide you come with which type of tricks.
  • You are talking about every type of the books or specialized topics i.e. Business books , Education books, fiction books novels etc. That you have decide which type of startargie you will perform

In Phase 1, you only choose your topic . Book tubing has a big advantage that there are many ways, many possibilities  to do this work. You learn how many made books summary you.

You give the reviews the booksie. Top 10 books, Top 5 books, Top 20 books of 2020.You created by mixing the lifestyles and books.

Some people are saying that we do not have many categories, ideas, limited ideas etc.I will give you some facts and Ideas for you because today you are doing your work without any hesitation.


  • Books Reviews
  • Let’s read together
  • Best Books and Top books i.e. Best in Fiction, Non Fiction, Romance, Self Help.
  • Books of the week and book of the month/day.
  • How to Videos i.e. How to read, How to read faster, How to learn from a book,
  • Collaboration Videos i.e. Discussion with someone,
  • Vlog while reading a book
  • Cover book fairs
  • Books Competition
  • Movies adapted from books

Now you think about Categories, Ideas, Topics in Phase 1 and this phase 1 we understand about how to generate income, how to earn money from it. We are  discussing only two types of the Income Modules.

We are increasing income, business, and passion. We are providing valuable things to the people.

  • By creating the videos in youtube, you earn more than 13 income sources from it.Do not make Video Creator, If made then you made Videopeneur. Do entrepreneurs with video.

Ad Revenue

Earn money through advertisements in your videos , article.Peoples are watching the video and the ad is going on and you earn a share from each ad. When your channel follows some guidelines that your channel earns the most income easily.Follow some steps for it.

  • Create Channel
  • Upload videos
  • Meet Criteria

Now your ad revenue is starting to coming.Now we talk about a second model to earn profit from Book Tubing.

Affiliate Income

Affiliate Income means which shred the videos of books i.e. Books discussion, Book summary, Books review etc. These books links, amazon link, flipkart link that you are provided in description.

When anyone purchased a book online through your link then you earn some shares from it. You earn from videos and talk about good knowledge to people, if people are interested in reading and buying these books and you provide a link then your second income is starting.

You both income is completed in Phase 1. You upload videos regularly and you understand everything about videos. Then your earning will increase.

You achieve this thing within 1 month, 6 month or 1 years that all totally depends upon you.

Phase 2

You don’t think that I earn Rs.20,000 – Rs.50,000 per month now what work is doing.In Phase 2 you understand some experience, now entrepreneurs create a system. See, How much income do you earn? Some money is invested in some things.

  •  Improve the quality
  • Grow your team
  • You hire anyone for video editing
  • For helps to find, research, Reading the books
  • Many of the things you are doing with this business.

Now, you reinvest some money and buy time because you do next level things and succeed in phase 2. Now you find the time and work on the sponsorship.

If your channel is growing then some publishers, writers are approaching you. You charge some fees from them and give the book review but that book is in the favour of your audience.Do never wrong with the audience in life.

Now you catch the next income level is sponsorship. You will invite the publishers that they approach, don’t hesitate to do these things.

  • Make your own website and publish the article in this website or blog.
  • You have the audience email whatsapp number and phone number to you because when your new video is coming out then you talk to them about a book they like and inform you audience.With the help of this concept you earn and benefit from the audience.
  • Sponsors give preference if you are connected with your audiences.

Now your income multiplies daily with the help of phase 2. Now we are going to Phase 3.

Phase 3

Phase 3 is optimal. You can skip but it is important as my vision. So, please do not skip because everything is important in this world.

Now you have more experience, you are reading more types of books and doing some practical things. Now this time, share your own experiences with your audience. You talk more types of books, now you become an author.

You write your own book with your hearts.You audience is happy with reading your book.After then you hire a writer and share your experiences with him. Talk all totally about him.

Now, this is the additional income source for you because you generate more income from different sources that I will talk about in Phase 1,2,3. You become a personal brand. People you know as an author, brand. 

Phase 4

Now, you create passive income and invest more to earn more ideas.You all audience is that audience loves your book.You have a full network of writers and authors.You have connected with printers and publishers.

Now, you can make a mini publishing house.These are the four phases that i shared with you, implement these all habits in your life and become a brand through online and earn money.

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