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Vegetarian meat is the most powerful product in this world. Good dot launch the many products i.e. Vegetarian Meat, Veg Byte, Curry Paste, Achari Tikka etc. But the vegetarian meat is the most tasty and nice product.

Do you know, seventy percent of health problems are related to food. Non Vegetarian food is tasty but do you think it is good or bad for health? Non vegetarian food is bad for our health.

Many of the viruses are linked with the non vegetarian food. Full measurement of the meat industry, today animals kept in bad conditions.

By using the chemical reaction, fast increase the size of them because they earn more profit, that is not fair for our health and animals.As a result of it the harmful food that you are eaten. People killed many animals.

Good dot has found Vegetarian meat. Vegetarian meat is fully proven by scientists. It is pure hundred percent vegetarian. It is made by a special technique in which the protein of the grain and plants mix.

These products are usually seen as the same as the meat and the same evening are cooked. Vegetarian meat has the same taste as meat. You are surprised when you understand that the value of the protein is much larger.

Vegetarian meat is highly protein and more beneficial to our health and environment. So, choose that way, that is beneficial for our health, environment and animals.

How to cook the Rcm Good Dot Vegetarian Meat ?

Howdy, it’s very common creative.It is a packet in which the vegetarian meat is kept safely. For cooking of Good Dot Vegetarian meat, You need some material i.e. Vegetarian Meat, 3 onion, 3 Tomato, 1 bowl coriander, 3-4 green chilli, 1 garlic,1small piece ginger , jeera, salt, laung, Chilli powder half spoon, Half spoon turmeric, Garam masala, Health guard rice bran oil and curry paste etc.

These are the common quantity of the all material that is used to cook vegetarian meat.


  • Take an Rcm cooker and add some Rcm Health guard rice bran oil.When it heats properly then add 3 cutting pieces of onion, garlic, ginger, Tomato soup and chilli powder with 3 green chilli.
  • When all material is brownish in colour then add all masalas i.e. turmeric, salt,Garam Masala, laung elaichi etc.
  • On the other hand, Cutting the small pieces of the vegetarian byte and mixing in curry paste is totally clean.
  • Now add curry paste vegetarian byte in the cooker then close the rcm cooker.
  • After the 6 viscles, take them out and add green fresh coriander.
  • Now you’re Vegetarian Meat is ready to serve.


Maximum Retail Price =  Rs. 145

Business Volume = 75

Curry Paste = Rs. 75

Increase your power with the help of Good Dot Vagitarian Meat.You can buy it easily without any hasistate.If you want to buy then you go to Rcm Good Dot official Website.

Enjoy vegetarian meat and make your family happy too. Vegetarian Meat is good for all Good Dot.

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