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Harit sanjivani soil health is a organic product beneficial for the soil.You know that, the branch of Harit sanjivani agro product are more products is come on e.g. Harit sanjivani, Spraymax 85, Garden gold, Harit sanjivani Fruit special, Sure sugar, Rapid etc gives amazing results and also giving.

Same series the Rcm Harit sanjivani team launched the new product that named Harit sanjivani soil health specialRcm Harit sanjivani soil health special is considering all types of the requirements, 

special technology has been prepared.Harit sanjivani soil health special is a naturally or central production. 

Features of Harit Sanjivani Soil Health Special

  1. Farmers give chemical, organic,central fertilize to plants to help promote their works.
  2. It helps to prepare the bacteria on earth.
  3. To increase the bacteria and Sentry curve.
  4. Soil health special is used with the weight multiple of seven more water holds.
  5. Soil health helps to increase the efficiency to gain the nutrients.
  6. To help increase the quality and productivity of the soil and the plant.organic product proven by the scientific.
  7. Soil health special will prove to be a boon for fogardernera.
  8. Soil health is a hundred percent naturally.

Vegetable and Fruits

  • Soil health special is used in the Mango, oranges, Papaya, Lemon, Grapes,Guava, Amlas,Nasebarry,Fig, Sitafal,Apple,Java pulm, Lichi,Ananas, , Pear, Tamarind, Kaju, Almond,Strawberry, Banana etc. beneficial for it.
  • Similarly another crops e.g. Grain, Wheat, Cotton, Corn, Tea, Sugarcane etc. beneficial for these crops.

How to use Harit SAnjivani soil Health Special ?

Can give up mixed with anytime of fertilizer, Drip irrigation. It is a proper pack of 500 gm used in 1 acre.


For fruits and Crops:

  • First dosage is to give time for treatment and flowers.
  • Second dose is given after the 30 days from the first dosage or development stage of the flowers.

Vegetables and Crops

  • First dosage is important given at the time of crops sowing, Transplanting.
  • Second dosage at the give time to trilling or development of flower stage.


  • Harit Sanjivani Soil health special is given with any type of the fertilizers.
  • Not with more acidic fertilizers.


Maximum retail price – Rs.1200

It is available to all Rcm Business Stores. You can order online.


Harit Sanjivani Soil Health Special is an amazing and fabulous product for all the farmers. Farmers can improve the efficiency of soils.Harit sanjivani Soil health special is made by the full informative information to create the Great India and make the Holy soil. Soil is our mother and we destroy it with a lot of fertilizer. 

This is not good, if we increase the intensity of soil then we use Harit sanjivani Products.Many of the farmers will get the result of this organic product. They maintain their plants at any potential time.

For more information you can visit the official website of the Rcm Harit Sanjivani and get the full of information that yiu want.

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