How to do the Register Buyer in The Rcm Business – Full Explaination Guide

Register Buyer is common thing, If you were registered Buyer anyone in Rcm Business. That you understood that the joining is yours. Many of the people don’t believe that joining is ourselves or not and they are engaged.

Some of the people are confused about how to register buyers in the Rcm Business. If you were to do anybody as a registered buyer then you are also joined in the Rcm Business and you have also as a direct seller id , you are a registered buyer.

Benefits of the Register Buyer in Rcm Business

There are several benefits of the Registered buyer in Rcm Business. The basic benefit is that if anybody retail any product with a self mobile number then the business volume is added to your Direct seller Id or Your Id number.

It is more important to know that when your registered buyer applicant goes to the Rcm Puc then on this time he had been cutting the bill means get the bill from the PUC holder.

When he had get the bill for you then you had got the SMS in your registered mobile Numbers.The serval business volume is added to your Id number. And you have got the Bonus of that purchase.

So, these are the basic benefits that I have shared with now.

Steps of To Do The Registers Buyer in Rcm Business

Now, that’s the main point of how to register buyers in the Rcm Business. I will show you step by step for that purpose that is discussed above. So, please noted all the point carefully that i mentioned here.

  • First things that you had were a needle that you had installed in the Rcm Business official app in your android handset.
  • You have installed it from the Google Play store. I give the link and I show you all the images About it.

    • When you had installed the Rcm Business official app then you had opened it.
    • You have shown here many of the latest posts from the Rcm Business.
    • Here you have shown the many of the categories of the many products that I mentioned in the previous post. You have seen those articles that I posted.
    • Click on the Right hand menu option at the Top bar. You have shown many of the options. I also discussed how to use the Rcm Business official app in the Previous Post.
    • You have seen the login option at bhere , you have just clicked on it and fulfilled the Rcm Business Direct Seller and and the Password that you created when you joined The Rcm Business. I also discussed how to make a new joining in the Rcm Business.
    • When you have successfully logged in to the Rcm Business official app then you have shown the homepage that you have got your direct seller name and id, Repurchase amount and the Business volume.
    • Now you have to click on the menu option at the left hand side top bar.
    • You have shown here to create a register buyer in the Rcm Business.
    • You had to fill in the details that are mentioned there.
    • You should fill here Buyers personal details i.e. Buyer’s name, Father and the Husband name, Applicant date of birth and choose the gender .
    • You have filled the communication details in this next step. You should fill here address,state, city, district,Pin code , Mobile number, Other mobile number, email address.
    • In the next step you have fill the family details i.e. Member name , Gender, Mobile number, alternative mobile number and click on add.
    • That’s the same process you have followed whenever all the family members are not added.
    • Then, finally you have to click on the submit button.

    These steps to do follow and your register buyer process is absolutely completed.Now i will discuss how to check the all list of your register buyer.

    How to check the list of the registered buyer

    If you want to check the list of the registered buyer then you have followed the some steps that I mentioned here.

    • First of all when you are creating a registered buyer then you have to go back and go to the menu option.
    • Here, you have seen the many options but you also showed the view of a registered buyer option.
    • Click on it and you have seen the all list about Registered buyers that you do .

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