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Make money from Youtube and become a successful Youtuber in Online world. Full of the information i will provide here. Do you know after google, Youtube is the biggest search engine in all around the world.

Youtube is the second largest search engine in the world and 6 hundred million hours of content is uploaded to Youtube everymonth.25 million people use Youtube in India every month.So, India becomes digitals and all villages have mobile phones everywhere.

Rajan Anandan is the Vice president of Google Asia.So, the scope and potential is very high.If you are part of this digital india then this article is especially for you.In this article, i didn’t talk about click here for those settings and so on. These are all things you can gain anywhere.Let’s explain step by step.


At that time when you create the video, what topic, what niche and what criteria of your content.The topic of your content is related to your passion, interest, curiosity etc.The top 5 categories on the internet.

  • Music
  • Comedy
  • Entertainment
  • Education Videos
  • Gaming Videos

If you have interest in any of these, then make videos on them.Whatever bowl you may interest outside of it. Make the video on the contents.


It is also asked that videos be made in Hindi or English.So, i shared the fact that only 20% people are proficient in english.

More than 90% of the videos that are seen in India are not in English language. They are in Hindi , Regional languages,Tamil,Punjabi etc.

Do you know, not only videos but Top subscribers newspaper of India is also in Hindi.So, you can think that which language is proficient for you. More scopes are available in Hindi language, Regional Languages.

To move to the next step, first think why people will watch my videos till the end?


You have to ask yourself that my video achieved that purpose which you came back with? You anganged the people but the purpose is not properly fulfilled.


Resources are the main part of the youtube. We think about the system i,e, Camera, Stand, Compute, Laptop etc. I don’t have it and I can’t make videos without them.

That is your big mistake because not now never. More big youtube are crates the video by using the mobile phone.The biggest thing about the people of india is that we juggle and it should also come.Many video editing software are available in the google play store i.e. Filmora, Movie Maker, Freemaker, Kinemaster etc. So, start the video editing on your phone.

Only one resource you have needs that is “ Desire” – Where there is a will, there is a way.


Many youtubers make the mistake that only 4-5 videos cast and left, they quickly give up. May the views not come and you leave at the beginning, keep putting videos continuously. 

  • Learn and Improve
  • Get feedback by peoples


If your full motive is to earn money then it may not be the correct decision. Do that work with your interest and no more greed then after you become a successful higher paid  youtuber.Money is in second number.Now i will share some tips with you on how to earn money step by step.

Advertisement : You get some share of the advertisement which goes on your ideos, which is the result of your hard work and dedication.It is the return of the creator, so that they can be happy and survive.

Affiliate Marketing : Many of the company is giving the opportunity of affiliate marketing for you i.e. Amazon, Flipkart, snapdeal, Club Factory etc.In this after using their products, you have to review their video after using the product and give its link in your description box.

By this, they will go to the link and purchase the product and more than that you will get some income.This is a very nice concept to generate income through affiliate marketing.

Brand Endorsement : Telling other about their brands and making them endor i.e. Mobile, Hotels, Place, Destination etc.One more thing, never participate with the wrong brand.

Products Merchandise : You can also make some of your products in the coming times, and you can also keep it from the merchandise.

Skills : If you have some skills for which you can be called, the, you can charge for them i.e. Singers,comedians etc. So these are the many types that you have grown by the Help of Youtube.

These all are the basic steps then you have to improve to improve a successful youtuber and earn money from Youtube.

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