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How to make a new joining for the Rcm Business or Joining in Rcm Business. When an applicant is joined the Rcm Business, then he thinks about how to do joins in the Rcm Business.

I will show you that how to joined. Some peoples are show the very difficult way. But today I’m showing you very easy and simple techniques.

Now, here I am showing you step by step how to make a new joining in Rcm Business. You have followed these steps and you can grow your business at a very high potential level.

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Steps To Make a New Joining In Rcm Business in Mobile App

  • First of all you have opened the Rcm Business official App in the Google Play Store.
  • Now you have installed it and opened it.
  • When you are open the Rcm Business official app then you have seen the many categories i.e. Men’s Fashion, Women’s fashion, Footwears, Personal Care, Health Care, Home Kitchen, Foods and Grocery, Household, Agriculture, Kids apparel, Bags and accessories, Bed sheets and Towels, Tools and Discounted items.
  • This type of the homepage you have shown in the Rcm Business official app that you have shown in the image.


  • You have shown the Rcm Business logo at left hand side and there
  • you see the three lines menu bar that you have shown in the image.
  • You have clicked on these three lines menu bar options that you have shown in the image.
  • Now you have seen the new interface and shown the many options i.e. Home, Marketing Plan, Delivery Centers, Product Training Program, Contact us, Login, E-KYC for new direct sellers, E-KYC application correction. Fill your bank account details that you have shown in this image below.
  • Now you have clicked only for the e- KYC application for the new direct seller for Joining in Rcm Business.
  • So, When you have clicked on it then you have seen the new interface that you have shown below.

  • So, You have filled the personal details firstly for Joining in Rcm Business.
    In personal details you have filled the sponsor no. and the proposer no.
  • Now you have uploaded the Id proof i.e. Aadhaar card and many more that i will discuss in the previsions post. You have uploaded that type of the id proof that you have uploaded in those field. Note down which documents you are uploaded those documents are original.
  • So, Now you have uploaded the address proof. Now you are moved to the next step.
  • Now here you have fulfilled the Bank account details i.e. Bank name, Bank branch state, Branch name, Bank account number etc.

  • Now you have uploaded the bank account original scanned photocopy.
  • Now, you are fulfilling the Personal account number if you have available is this , if you have not available then it is not compulsory to fill this option.
  • Now you are moved to the next steps in which you have seen the security details, you have filled this option. This option is very important if you are not filled with this option when your joint is not going to move to the next step.
  • You have filled here the password and you have confirmed this password and now you have chosen the hint question and answered that question that question you are choosing above the required space.
  • Now you have seen the Details of yourself if any person of your family is joined with the Rcm Business that person is activated or terminated. If any person is joined in the family then you have filled the details of those person.
  • If the person is joined then you have a checkbox click if not then not tick it.
  • Now you remove to the next step that steps you have fulfilled the declaration details. Then you have add this

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Now you have accepted the terms and the conditions to read the content that is the guidelines of the Rcm Business if you are agreed with those conditions then you have a checkbox tick.

Now you have seen the Button is Send OTP , The OTP is going on that number that number you are filling in the previous column. You have filled the OTP Then You have given the Reference Number.


Joining in Rcm Business is a very simple way, it is not a big deal if you follow these steps then absolutely you make easier to Joining in Rcm Business.

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