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Without the Mi charger, Phone is a disturbance. Because, if your phone has no power then your mobile phone is not able to do anything. Let’s see how much importance a single charger has for your device.

Charger is the most valuable thing. If you have no charger then your device cannot be charged.

Now, you understand how important the charger is in our life. If you have no charger for your device then your device is a disturbance. 

Mi Charger Price

These things are important to understand related to the charger. In the market, You have seen more chargers with different functions.

But in that case, Shopkeepers provides you with a different charger that is not applicable for your relevant device.

But, we didn’t provide you with products which are not good for your device. Using the wrong charger can also destroy your device completely. We do not want those things taken from your hard work to get spoiled due to any wrong reason.

Mi Charger

You also know that Mi is India’s most trusted brand. Mi Means Redmi or Xiaomi that distributed the technology products for their customers. Redmi is a Chinese company. We know that you have a device related to Mi. It may be a mobile phone or a laptop. 

Now, First of all we discuss the important terms related to charger and mi charger.

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What is Mi Charger?

Xiaomi charger is a device that is used to charge Xiaomi’s mobile phones and Xiaomi-connected technology. It may contain mi laptops, mi mobile phone, mi tablet etc. At that time, Xiaomi launched a new technology on charge that is known as Xiaomi Mi Air Charger technology.

best mi charger

This means that as soon as you enter your house, your mobile phone will start charging automatically, this technology has taken the name of Mi Charger Air technology.

Now Let’s Explain about this technology and when will this technology come. How to grab this mi air technology.

Wireless Technology

You have been seeing wireless technology from a long time ago, but what used to happen earlier. At that time you needed a Charging Pad and at the top of that Charging Pad you had to keep your phone, then it started charging automatically.

That means this is wireless charging but not true-wireless charging. What happens now, if a wireless charging pad and phone is placed on it, then it takes a lot of coils in the charging pad.

When the Charging Pad coil and mobile phone coil are associated with each other then electromagnetic waves are used in wireless charging.

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Xiaomi Mi Air Wireless Charging

It will have a hub, a charging station and a mobile phone. The charging hub will have 5 different antennas in it, as soon as you enter inside your room, your phone will start charging automatically.

As soon as you enter, your exact location will be detected and there will be waveforms which are the millimeter type, they are transferred. Here it uses only millimeter waves as in 5G Handset. 

Mi Real Charger Vs. fake Charger

Are you confused when you purchase mi charger or mi data cables? You do not understand which charger is real and which charger is fake and what is the difference between these chargers.

Many times when the charger goes spoilage, then we order the new charger online and buy it. Second option is that we purchase any type of charger from the market.

When you tell the shopkeeper that we need an original mi charger, then the shopkeeper tells you that it is the original charger, but actually the shopkeeper does not even know which charger is real or fake.

Difference between mi real charger and fake charger

Real Mi Charger

Fake Mi Charger

– In Adapter, Corner of USB Cable finishing or cuts is absolutely fine.

– USB Hole in Adapter is Tight and newly freshed.

– USB Cable Connector is totally locked and attached with mobile, there is no any gap between phone and charger.

– Build quality of the product is awesome and shiny.

– Weight of a Real Mi Charger is more as compared to a fake charger.

– USB Cable is hard and straight after bend.

– Sometimes, USB Cable Connect printed the charging icon.

– In Adapter, Corner of USB Cable finishing or cuts is not fine. Edges are not equal.

– USB Hole in Adapter is a loose and old piece.

– USB Cable Connector is locked but it provides a gap between charger and mobile pin.

– Build quality of the product is porr and looks like an old piece.

– Weight of the fake charge is less or different as compared to a real charger.

– USB Cable is soft and loses the quality after bend.

– USB Connectors does not print any charging icon sometimes.

Types of Charger

Chargers are many types. Majorly the charge type depends upon there USB. Now, firstly we try to understand what are the different types of USB and what are the differences between them.

USB stands for universal serial bus. This is the different type of component or interface that you get to see everywhere in technology like computers, laptops, speakers and mobile chargers.

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In other words, this is a way to connect two different devices with each other and transfer data between them. Now, In market you watch many types of USB Charger Cables.

USB Type A Charger

This is a standard USB type. Shape is flat and rectangular. This is the popular and most commonly used USB Type A. You See in mobile mi charger that this Type A is generally used in most commonly technology devices.

You get to see this many places like CPU Back side, Laptop port and mobile charger adapter. USB Type A is majorly two types : Male and Female.

USB Type A Female : Which part you pulled in with the connector is known as USB Type A Female. For Example: You Connect your USB in Laptop Port, then Laptop Port is a Female USE Type A.

USB Type A Male : Which connector you plugged in the device port that connector is known as USB Type A Male. For example : You connect your USB with your laptop, then the USB Connector is a USB Type A Male.

USB Type B Charger

Shape is square and this type of USB type B is used in less or few amounts. This type of USB is mainly used in Modems, Telephone, Printers and Scanners. This USB Type is available in 2 categories like : USB Type B mini connector and micro USB connector.

Types of USB

Micro and Mini USB connectors are used more widely in range order. This USB Type B is used in our mobile phone charger.

USB Type C Charger

This type is popular day by day. Now in these days every smartphone, all of them will get to see this USB Type B Charger. USB Type C Charger special thing is that you can use it from any side.

You have no need to think whether you want to reverse it or straight. Type C Charger provides you reversible plug oriented. Now in that time, USB Type C is preferred by Xiaomi Charger.

Mi Band 3 Charger

Mi band 3 charger is the most commonly used item. Peoples have Mi band ty3 watches but after some reasons charger were lost/spoiled/Useless. At that time people needed to get a Mi Band 3 Charger.

So, lets in this article we will discuss the mi band 3 charger. There is an exclusive mi band 3 charger original which is only suitable for mi band 3 charger. This charger is not supported mi band 1 and mi band 2.

This is a high class productivity charger and this is a totally good product. You also come with this product. Let’s we know the important specification related with it.

Specification of Mi Band 3 Charger

Product Name 

Mi Band 3 charger Cable


Black in Color


15 cm


1 cm


1.7*1*15 cm

Battery Include

No Battery Included

Item Weight

9.1 Gram

Made in

India’s Product

Rating By Peoples

Comfort : 4.8 Out of 5.0

Durability : 4.4 Out of 5.0

Value for Money : 4.3 Out of 5.0

Thickness : 4.2 Out of 5.0

Sheerness : 3.9 out of 5.0

Which Charger is best for Mi Band 3 Charger?

Sounce Mi Band 3 Charger cable is the best xiaomi mi band 3 charger. There are some reasons like Comfortability, Durability, Value of Money, Thickness and shrinkness. 

Sounce Mi Band 3 Charger or Cable is available at a minimum of cost. Main feature of this Mi Band 3 is that it is only comfortable for Mi 3 Band not required for Mi Band 2 and Mi Band 1.

How do I Charge my Mi Band 3?

If you know about how we can charge our xiaomi mi band 3. Then there are some steps that you have followed. Steps are easier to charge than any xiaomi mi band.

Step 1 – First of all connect the charging cable with your xiaomi  mi band3.

Step 2 – Plug in the second end of the charging cables with your computer or laptop or Charging adapter.

Step 3 – Keep patience, Now the charging is displaying on the screen of your mi band 3.

After completing the total process, now your Mi band 3 is charging. So, this is a very simple step that you followed easier.

Is the Xiaomi Mi band 3 and 4 Chargers the same?

No, Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Chargers have different features as compared to xiaomi mi band 4. So, this statement is completely wrong that mi band and 3 chargers are the same.

Does Mi Band 3 have a fingerprint?

Not sure, But as per information from additional resources that mi band 3 have not a fingerprint lock option. Hence, it is locked via phone but not with fingerprint. Statement is not sure about this concept. Full Information is provided coming soon.

How to charge Xiaomi band 3 without charger?

Yes, it is possible for charging mi band 3 without a charger. You can charge your band via smartphone charging adapter.

Can we answer calls on Mi Band?

Now after the update it works. You can receive any call and answer them. There is no need to touch the smartphone for answering the calls.

How should I charge mi band 3 for the first time?

To complete 100 charges, It may take 2 to 3 Hours. Well, According to us  it definitely charges within 2 hours easily.

Where can I buy a Mi Band 3?

You can buy it from Amazon, Flipkart, Mi Stores etc. These e-commerce stores are provide to buy the facility to buy this product. If You Want to Buy this product then you have given a Buy Now Button on the Top of Xiaomi Mi Band 3 Paragraph.

Which is the best Mi Band 3 or 4?

Both Bands are absolutely amazing at their prices. Both products have different features. You can come with Mi Band 3 or 4.

Which Battery is used in Mi Band 3?

110 mAH Li-ion polymer battery comes with Mi band 3. Battery durability is upto 20 days after the successful charging.

What is the price of Mi Band 3?

According to amazon, Mi Band 3 worth is approx. Rs.2000.

Mi Charger Prices

Charger Name

Mi Charger Price

Styler Mi Charger Fast Charging cable

Rs. 399

Fast Mi Charger for Xiaomi Poco F1

Rs. 347

Type C Charger for Xiaomi mi

Rs. 446

Mi 10W FAst Charger

Rs. 390

Mi Fast Charging adapter Cable

Rs. 395

Fast Mi Charger for Redmi 7s 

Rs. 440

Ultra Fast Quick Type C Charger 

Rs. 395

Mi Charger List

  • Mi Braided USB Type C Cable Black – Rs. 299
  • Mi 2 in 1 USB Cable(100cm Black) –  Rs 249
  • Mi Micro USB Braided cable 100cm(Red) : Rs. 249
  • Mi USB Cable 120 cm Black – Rs. 199
  • Mi Car Charging Basic Black – Rs 449
  • Mi Fast Charger 2A with Cable – RS. 449
  • Mi 33W Sonic Charge 2.0 Charge White – Rs. 999
  • Mi 18W CAr Charge Pro Silver – Rs.799
  • Mi 18W Dual Port Charger – Rs. 599
  • Mi 30W Wireless Charger – Rs. 2,299
  • Mi USB Type C Cable – Rs. 199

Mi Fast Charger

To charge your phone with high speed then this charger is fit for you. This is a very fast and high speed Charger that helps you to fast charge your phone.

Mi 2A Fast Charger with Cable

This charger is sold by Xiaomi Technology India Pvt. Ltd. Mi 2A Fast Charger is a Super strong design with 1.2m USB micro Cable and sturdy and durable charger.

Mi 2A Charger is 10W fast charging speed that is preferred fast data transfer. You can buy this charger from Mi Store.


So, here we discuss the Xiaomi Chargers along with Types of USB , Mi Charger prices, Charger List and Mi Fast Charger. If you buy any charger then absolutely go on top and grab the product.

Hope you absolutely like this article with well defined knowledge. Guy’s if you like this article then please comment in the comment section and absolutely share the article with your friends and relatives.

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