How To Change Mobile Number in Rcm Business – Mobile Number Change

Hyy Guys ! Today topic is how to change the mobile number in Rcm Business.Some peoples are confused to that conclusion to solving that how to changing the phone number in rcm business. It is seriously a big topic unit for the rcm business. In privisious lession i am discussed about how to activated the terminate id in Rcm business for you and how to make new joining in Rcm Business. Now, i will discussed with you how to change the mobile number in rcm business.


  • Mobile Number Change via SMS

  • Mobile Number Change via By Post

Mobile Number change via SMS

Now i will show you to change phone number in this step. I should show you step by step.This way is shortly used if you Kyc is okay and you have got the Rcm Business ID or Direct Seller Number then you follow this step.

If your Kyc is not okay or you have give you the reference number then you have follow the “Mobile number change via SMS” option.

Follow the steps to changing the phone number in Rcm Business.So, Now well you have read these steps carefully that i mention below step by step.

  • Now first of all you have a mobile phone in any company. There is no matter that the phone is android or in Keypad.
  • After, you have the recharge the balance in your phone that will help you sending the SMS to the company.
  • You should open the SMS box of the your phone and simple choose ” Create a new SMS” that i mention in the image that i given below.
  • Now, you have type ” RCM<space><MOB><space><DISD><space><PASSWORD><space><MOBILE NUMBER” and send this SMS on this number “9910418866.

For example : I want to change my phone number and my old number is 8988211111 and new is 9876543210. I want to change it then i type ” RCM MOB 31234267 hsbmabh9876543210. and sending to 9910418866. And after my phone number is changing sucessfully.

  • So i will show you some images practically that show you to changing the phone muber in RCM Business.
  • And after you have recieve a SMS for Rcm Business company and write on in that ” Your Mobile Number is Changed Sucessfully.

by sms

  • Actually this method is simply used when you have giving the direct seller id number. If you have not given then you have follow the next step that step i mention Below.

Mobile Number Change via By Post

In this criteria you have follow the some steps that i mentioned below:

  • If you have a reference Number and by some reason your mobile number is entered wrong then absolutely you have follow this step.
  • Firstly you have Download the Mobile Declaration in PDF mode.
  • If you want to download then you have simply go to Rcm Business official website and scroll down and you have to show the important links and in this link you should seen the Mobile number change .You have click on it and download it.
  • You have get the print out and fill this formart carefully.
  • You have atteched the some id proofs i.e. Aadhar card , Pan Card etc. that i mention in How to terminate id in Rcm Business.
  • You have to atteched the photocopy with Mobile declaration form.
  • After, then you should send these documents to the Rcm Business Head office.
  • You have send the documents on this address.
  • After one week your phone number is changed sucessfully.

So, Guy’s these are the some steps to changing the phone number in Rcm business.

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