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Rcm Stands for Right Concept Marketing and this is a Rcm Business Plan. This company was formed in India.When did these company sell clothes in early time. This company name Fashion Suiting Pvt. Ltd. and this company is situated at “Rajasthan Bhilwara” an Indian Company.

Rcm Business Plan, This company was used to market in 1977 through the textile traditional business model but in august 2000, the company started giving products to customer benefits through the medium of direct selling.

rcm business plan

In august 2000, having only one product and one showroom was situated at Bhilwara Rajasthan. There were a few some one hundred people who took the goods through the direct selling.

But, today is 2020, Rcm Business Plan previously there was only one product and now there are more than 400 products, 7000+ showrooms and more than 3 crore direct sellers are associated with this company, so what changes have happened in it ?

The company is still able to produce the best products. What will we do by joining in Rcm Business(Rcm Business Plan) ? We will discuss this further.

The name of the company is “Fashion Suiting Private Limited” but the company sends its products under the brand name of “RCM”. This “RCM ” Rcm Business Plan company provides income opportunities to customers through direct selling.

The Government released all the guidelines on 9 september 2017. The government is promoting all direct selling companies working within these guidelines. Happily, The “RCM” is working as per all guidelines.The company is progressing day by day.

Rcm Business Plan, It is a matter of the happiness that we are connected with the hope and now we can build a new India to a great extent in the coming times.As day by day with hopes facing us all the problems.

Rcm Business Marketing Plan in 2020

Now we will talk about the marketing plan of Rcm Business, what can be the benefits of joining Rcm Business plan and why we can only Rcm Business Plan. Today we do any work or business from whom they do, then we do it for money and where do we use the money ?  We can use it for our needs.We spend this business model in any market that is called “Traditional Market”. This “ Traditional market how to work. Let us consider it step by step.

There is a company that makes things and we are the customers who use things. The company distributed its things about the alternative members i.e. Agent, Dealer, Wholesaler, Retailer etc. through the company takes things to the customers.

In this Rcm Business Plan model having the commission of the agent, dealer, wholesaler and retailers etc. a lot of the company today. Every company today does more and more marketing to market its products. The company advertises to sell its product and these advertisements are done by rich people like actors and heroines and famous personalities. They take advertising money and that money goes from the customers.

Rcm Business Plan, If any thing or product is made to the benefit of 50 rupees. The expenses of the advertisement and others are debited from the general customers and that product is prepared in Rs 50 and is given to the customer in the name of MRP for Rs. 100.

50 percent of the money of the ordinary peoples or customers goes directly into the pockets of the rich or business class family. In the midst of this “ Traditional Market” there are some customer losses in the model. This market is depending upon the customers. But, in this model having no benefits of the customers. The following disadvantage of the customers are mentioned below :

  • Products are more costly.
  • Delicacy in the Products.
  • No Income 
  1. Products are more costly : Here all the products are provided in the very costly process.
  2. Duplicity in the Product : Middle men are mixed with duplicate things for it to earn more profit.
  3. The customers have not even returned Rs. 1 from this base model till date.

As per changing the time, there is a new model in the marketing that the products are created by the company and uses its customers. But, in the middle should come the “Malls”. All the stuff under one roof. But, there should be no benefits for the customers.

After some time, there is the third business model. The products are also created by the company  and used by the customers and coming on the mildest is “ Online ”. On the order online, you were to take all things at your home to doorsteps. But, there are no benefits for the general customer. Everyone is eying 50 % of the customer’s money.

Rcm Business Plan, But in this world there is a new method called “ Direct Selling” . A new business model is coming. As we say in our own language, there is a new system. This business model is created for the Customers. This business model is mentioned as follows :

 A company who creates the products and that is used by the customers and in the midst of having nobody. That means the company created the product and directly provided it to the customers. Company provided all products from its own showroom. Then the question is what is the basic benefit of the customer.

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If a company makes any product with the benefit of 50 percent  then that thing is provided to the customer in Rs. 95/- . 

Advantage of the Direct selling 

Now, you are thinking that the product is created at Rs. 50 /- and it is provided to customers at a rate of Rs. 95/-. Then when you get the Rs. 45/- rupees money.That money will be passed on to customers through a distribution channel.

If we needed this 45% money then what can we do ?

Then,Rcm Business Plan firstly we have to do the registration in the company. That is totally free. Only we have changed the shop. Those were brought the products through the traditional market, these are purchasing as from here. We have that opportunity of income given how big.

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