How To Use Rcm Business Official App – Full Explanation Guide in 2020

Rcm Business mobile app is a very simple and easy way. Many people are confused about how to use Rcm business official apps.

Steps For Using The Rcm Business Official App

  • First of all you should download the Rcm Business official app in your android handset from the google play store.Here you have seen in the Blue colour here the link is associated. You are clicking here and downloading the Rcm Business official app.I show you in the image that i gave below.

    • When you download the Rcm Business Mobile app then you have opened it .
    • You have seen the many of the images these are the latest products and you have seen the many of the categories i.e. Men’s Fashions, Discounted items,Women’s Fashion,Footwear,Personal care , Health Care,Home kitchen, foods Grocery etc.
    • Now you have clicked on the left hand side top menu option.
    • You have seen many of the options. I will explain them one by one.


    In this home section you have shown the many of the latest products that are launched by the Rcm Business Company.If you can buy any product then you can but it’s simply and the easy way.

    Marketing Plan

    Here you have seen the Rcm Business Marketing Plan. Here you should understand how to become a direct seller and calculations of the sale in-activities, Performance bonus, Royalty, Technical Bonus, and Rcm Business terms and conditions and many more.

    Delivery Center

    You should see here two options . one is the PUC and the second is the DEPOT. PUC is a pickup center where you can search all PUC in your areas and how many depots in your area. And know the address and phone Number of the nearest PUC and the DEPOT.

    Product Training Program

    In this section you can understand where the meeting of the product training is, in which date, state and who is the leader of this Product Training Program.

    Contact Us

    Here the contact details provided by the company , if any doubts and problems are created facing the customers then they are contacted. These contact us with details and resolve their problems.


    In this place you have to fill your direct seller id number and the password that are created by you when you are joined in the Rcm Business. You have fulfilled all of the things then your account is login successfully.

    When you open your account in this criteria then you have seen your personal details, your repurchase amount and the purchase month and your name and direct seller id.

    When you opened it then you showed many of the options that I mentioned below each one.

    • Home

    Here you have seen your personal details and your business and repurchase amount that I discussed above.

    • Personal Information

    Personal information is showing at here i.e. Sponsor Details, Per-poser Details, Communication Details and the Bank account Details.

    • Your Group

    Total group is informed here. How many applicants are associated with your down line and how many works to do them and how many purchases as per month.

    • Monthly Statement

    Full monthly statement is showing on this place how much you earn with you and how much is balanced in your wallet now.

    • Change Password

    You have been given an option to change your password easily. Here you have fill your old password and new password and you are easily creates your password without any hesitate.

    • Leader View

    In this section you have shown the leader a view that means how much money is transferred to your bank account. It holds especially one years and after one year it will erase automatically.

    • Deep Course

    Here you have shown the deep courses. For this course you have retailed your products very easily without any hesitation.

    • Create Register Buyer

    Here you are added to the applicant to retail your company products that help the candidate at very low prices that bring that product easily.

    • View Register Buyer

    You can see here , your register buys list how many of the applicants you are registering as a customer.

    • My order

    In this section, you can see the details of your order . That you were purchased online.

    • Logout

    For the help of this logout button, you are easily logged out to your account and coming to the main dashboard.

    E-Kyc For New D.S.

    For the help of this tab you are getting to make a new joining in the Rcm Business.

    E-KYC Application Correction

    The new option is coming now in the Rcm Business official app. For the help of E – KYC application correction, you were to change the details of that applicant that applicant you joined freshly. This option is worked only when you Kyc is in Process.

    Fill Your Bank Account Details

    For the help of this option , when the Rcm Business is closed and the many of the customers are the account in the Rcm Business and not withdraw their amount. Those withdraw their amount easily with the filling of the bank account details.


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