Rcm Business Product List Foods, Grocery,Healthcare,Home Kitchen – Full Guide in 2020

The Rcm Business company launched many of the products.The something special about all these products.We will talk about similar products.Rcm Products are mainly very less costly and more powered products.

Products like Men’s Fashion, Women’s Fashion,Footwear, Personal care, Healthcare,Home and Kitchen, Food and Grocery, Household, Agricultural, Kids apparel, Bags and Accessories, Bed Sheet and towels etc. Products also include.

We explain all of these products step by step. So you read very carefully. This information is more important.Lets talks about…..

Rcm Business wants to achieve the following aims in practical way

  1. Health Care – To improve physical health by a pure,nutritive and balanced diet.
  2. To build a new India – To build a new India by creating brotherhood,introspective and moral based society.
  3. Self dependency – To provide an opportunity to every common man to become a self dependent.

Health Related To food :

As we know that our health is related to our food. Our health will be according to our food. If we add Kerosene to the petrol driven vehicle what will be the result ? It will ruin the engine .Health Gaurd Oil

Similarly if we will supply the body the unhygienic and adulterated food how can we remain healthy ? The Rcm has come up with a better solution for this.

Rice Bran Oil Full of the Miraculous Medical Properties

It contains the 3 Antioxidants of special Medicinal Properties.

1 litre of health guard oil contains such antioxidants as if they are purchased in the form of the medicine , will cost more then Rs.1000/- . Despite that they cannot benefit the body as Naturally present contents in this oil.

Oil Fit For Health

Best of the heart as it helps in increasing the immunity and good cholesterol by lowering the bad cholesterol; and helps in controlling and helps in controlling the Hypertension.

Helps to cure acidity,gases and other gastrointestinal troubles.

Helps to strengthen the muscular system. Helps in menopausal problems.

It helps in decreasing the Aging effect.It helps to stop wrinkles and skin diseases. This oil is antithrombotic.

Physical Refining process

This is the latest process of the refining of oil in which no Harsh chemical/Caustic is used while refining resulting in better retention of antioxidant and Medicinal values of that oil. So it is the Best Method.

Comments of Specialist On Rcm Rice Bran Oil

Dr. K.K. Talwar [Cardiac Specialist] Director, PGI Chandigarh has advised the people to use the Rice Bran oil on World Health Day.AIIMS [ All India Institute Of Medical Sciences] has also recommended this oil.

Features of The Rice Bran Oil

  • Food Absorbs Less Oil
  • Lesser fanatic
  • Lesser Greasy
  • Best for the tasty recipes 
  • Digestive Food

Awards From The Government

Honoured In Year 2007 by Hon’ble the Prime Minister Manmohan Singh by National award from Research and development.

Honoured on August 28,2009 by Sh. Dinshaw Patel. The central Minister of state by special prize for excellent worship.

Honoured on August 31,2010 by national award for commendable endeavours by hon’ble Smt. Pratibha Patil(Ex- President).

The C.M.D. of Rcm Health Guard Oil manufacturing company Mr. A.R. Sharma has been awarded a National Award by our Ex- President Honorable Doctor APJ Abdul Kalam for his remark achievement in the field of technology.

Rcm Soan Papdi and Namkeen

Rcm soan Papdi is a very awesome sweet. It is made by the Rcm Business Health Guard Oil. Delicious Taste with every munch of Rcm Soan Papdi and Namkeen.

  • It is the use of the best quality material.
  • It is decorated with Cardamom,almonds and Pistachios.
  • It is manufacturing in hygienic conditions.
  • Air tight packing to keep fresh for long.
  • Use of Pure RO Water.
  • Team of the experienced manpower.
  • Strict quality check in the laboratory.
  • Attractive Packing.

These are the basic features of the rcm span papdi and Rcm Namkeen. The Rcm Namkeen is in many flavour.It is very tasty.

Chakki Fresh Atta

Rcm Chakki Fresh atta is very costly but it has the most benefits. The basic features are as follows.

  • Selection of the Superior Quality of the Wheat.
  • Seven Stage Cleaning process which removes all the impurities from the wheat .
  • Advance Pneumatic Conveying Technique Which saves the atta from the high temperature.
  • Minimum Bran of the heat is removed to keep the Nutrition Vitamins and the Fibres.
  • Use completed automated lines to prepare atta without any manual touch.
  • Because of the high absorption of the water Roties come very soft.
  • This atta essential Vitamins Phyto-nutrients and minerals with the strengthened digestive system and help prevent metabolism syndrome.

Rcm Spices

Rcm Spices are the most tasty vegetables. More details are as follows.

  • Use of the best quality whole species.
  • Pure and full or the test aroma .
  • Manufacturing in hygienic conditions.
  • Free from any kind of preservative.
  • Clinically with technically advanced machines.
  • Team of the experienced manpower.
  • Strict Quality check in the laboratory.

Rcm Jiyo Tea

jiyo tea

  • Professional team of the testers having vast experiences.
  • Selecting the best tea from the garden of Assam.
  • Automatic machine for blending and the packing.
  • Cleaning of all the medical particles by having heavy magnetic detectors.
  • Big godowns for the storage so that best quality tea can be stored on time.
  • Rigorous quality check.

Rcm Divya Chawan Prash

It is full of the driven qualities and the extreme benefits for health.

rcm chawan prash

  • Improve the nutritional levels of the body tissues and the supply oxygen to the deep tissues.
  • Improves the digestive system.
  • A great memory boosters.
  • Purify the blood and reduce the toxins.
  • Totally chemical free , naturals and the safe.
  • Powerful combinations of the herbs and the plant extracts from the amla fruits and the pulp. Reinforces the immune system and helps fight disease.
  • It is a good antioxidant that slows the ageing effect. Beneficial for all the age groups.

Rcm Pain Go

Rcm Pain Go is to relieve your pain. An effective ointment for all the pains such as Headache, Back Pain, Joint Pain, Neck pain, Muscular Pain etc.

rcm pain go

  • Site specific Action.
  • Ensure prompt symptoms control.
  • Deep preparations provide localized relief.
  • Relieves the muscles spasm and improves mobility.
  • Use if the problems are the soft tissues disordered.

Rcm Nysa Nourishing Moisturizer

Rcm body lotion

  • Enriched with white mulberry extract along with the other essentials extracts.
  • Mulberry is a huge source of the iron, Calcium, Vitamin A , C, E and K, Folate, Thiamine, Pyridoxine, Niacin And the fibers that rejuvenates your skin slowly to get clear and bright skin.
  • It is a superior antioxidant.
  • It protects the body against the destructive effects of the free radicals.
  • It clears the dark sporks and lightens the skin tone.
  • It makes skin soft and the radiants.
  • Suitable for all types of skin.

Rcm Nysa Multipurpose Cream

multi purpose cream

  • Enriched with the aloevera , Canola oil and the Multi- vitamins.
  • Aloe vera makes the skin soft and refreshes the skin.
  • Canola oil helps to remove the wrinkles , Fine lines, acne and blemishes.
  • Keep your skin hydrated and deeply moisturized.
  • Soothes, nourishes and rejuvenates your skin. It is full antioxidants.
  • It protects your skin against sun damage.
  • Provides the healthy and the glowing skin.

Rcm Nysa Foot cream

rcm foot cream

  • Wheat – germs all the power pack consists of the vitamin -A , Vitamin B , Vitamin-D, antioxidants and the fatty acids.
  • It provides the fast relief from aching heels.
  • It soothes and the reaper cracked feet.
  • It provides relief from the toughness and harshness. 
  • Potent combinations of oils provide deep moisturization, making the skin soft.

Rcm Nysa Soflene

Rcm Nysa soflene

  • Contains hundred percent pure petroleum jelly.
  • Heals dryness from skin.
  • Best for your sensitive skin.
  • Reduce the appearance of the dry lines.
  • Helps to heal minor cuts.
  • Protects your skin from wind burn and chapping.

Nysa Organic Tea Face Wash

Rcm Nysa Facewash

  • Enriched with tea tree oil.
  • Effectively remove dirt, oils and other impurities.
  • Cleanness skin gently for clear and matte skin.
  • It contains Terpenoids that allow it to kill bacteria and minimize acne problems.
  • Keep skin free of blemishes, dark spots and pimples.

Nysa Prickly Heat Talc

Rcm prickly heat talc

  • Nysa Prickly Heat Talc is a talcum body powder that contains natural elements and menthol to refresh and relax your body.
  • Relief from unbearable heat and stress by providing a cooling effect.
  • Refreshing and soothing effect.
  • Effective in relieving itching, prickly heat rash and skin irritation caused due to the heat weather.

Rcm Nysa Flora Blossom Talc

Rcm floro

  • Nysa flora blossom talc is effective in preventing skin from chafing due to heat and providing moisture to skin.
  • It can be used all over the body and helps in sweet absorptions.
  • It keeps you fresh and prevents body odour.
  • Makes your skin and fairer.
  • Mesmerizing fragrance of flowers.

Rcm Shinol Nature cool oil

Rcm navrattan oil

  • Brahmi helps to keep the schlampe cool and strengthen the hair follicles.
  • Mandukaparni promotes intelligence and memory.
  • It is a well known anti aging herb.
  • Ir contains Bhringraj that helps in relieving the mind from stress and anxiety.
  • Enriched with Amla highly rich in Vitamin C which is useful to hair growth and hair smoothing.
  • Neem has antifungal properties that reduce scalp itches and dandruff.
  • Nagarmotha provides muscle relaxation.
  • Mentha Arvensis is highly effective in treating headaches.
  • Cinnamomum camphora essential for hair growth.

Rcm Cavigo All Rounder Toothpaste

Rcm all rounder toothpaste

  • Va provides freshness in mouth and breath.
  • Clove relieves toothache helps in Preventing Gum bleeding.
  • Phitkari Decreases hypersensitivity to hot and cold, helps in preventing gum bleeding.
  • Akhrot Chhal prevents gum bleeding, reduces gum swelling and reinforces teeth.
  • Gairic Powder removes bacteria and provides shine to teeth.
  • Akarkara is a funk destRucture which removes Foul smell from the mouth.

Rcm Nysa Det-Maxx

Protection from germs and infections

Rcm Dett Maxx

  • The dett max soap contains the unique ingredient that gently increases and effectively removes germs and impurities while keeping skin soft and supple.
  • Clean off the dirt better and smell better.
  • It helps to maintain your skin’s natural moisturiser .
  • Use dettmax suraksha soap and help keep your family healthy.
  • It prevents many of the viruses.

Rcm Nysa Sensation Bath Soap

Rcm nysa senstation Barh soap

  • A premium bath soap that keeps your skin soft and healthy.
  • It contains the Vitamin E and Aloe Vera from the nourishment of your skin and helps to keep it young.
  • It’s alluring fragrance gives your refreshing experiences.
  • *Total Fit Material – 76%
  • *Grade-1
  • * Hundred Percent Vegetable oil.

This article is taking from the Rcm Business Product Training Catalog

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