How To Re-activate The Terminate ID In Rcm Business: Full Guide with accurate Information

How to activate the terminated ID in Rcm Business with a full guide with the help of activate it.You help that how to activate it.

Guys, it is a very common question in Rcm Business. This Id is deactivated because you don’t purchase any products within 6 months that is why your ID is deactivated.This is not fair, it is activated on this time before you will not activate it.

If you activated your Rcm Business Id then you have purchased any product within one month then you have put the applications to activate this Rcm ID.

ow, Here i will show you the steps that how to activated your Rcm Business ID.So, Please cooperate with me and follows the following steps that i mentioned below:

Steps To Activate The Terminate Id In Rcm Business

  • First of all you have to open the Browser google, Mozilla Firefox,opera mini etc. i.e. in your android handset or your computer or laptop.

  • Now, you have opened the search bar in your browser.
    Type the official website of the Rcm Business and simply search for it.

  • Now you have opened the official website of the Rcm Business homepage.
  • You have clicked on the three menu lines that are shown at the right hand side [if you are used in an android handset , if you are on the laptop or PC then you have a chick on the right hand side that is shown in the image.
  • You have clicked on the direct seller option that is shown in the image.

  • You have clicked on the direct seller option that is shown in the image.
  • You see the new interface where you have given the Id number that id you have activated that is shown in the image.

  • Now you have put the Id number that you have given the Rcm Business as a direct seller for purchasing the product. This Id number is unique to every direct seller.
  • Now you have clicked on the next button.
  • Here you can see the personal details of the applicant which applicant you have activated the id .You have seen the applicant profile, communication details and bank account.

    • You have scrolled the profile option and you have chosen the gender that is male female and other.
    • Then you have selected the gender then you have jumped to the next option that you have asking the Marital status that you have filled the married or unmarried.
    • When you have been selected for these two options then you have asked the name title that is Mr. Mrs etc. you have chosen these categories.
    • Now you have uploads the applicant Id proof i.e. Adhar card,Central/State Government certificate Id proof, Certificate from any of the authorities,Domicile certificate with communication address and photograph, Driving Licence,Pan card,Passport Valid,Ration card with photograph,Voter’s Identity card,written confirmation from the banks certifying identity proof etc.
      Normally, the applicant chooses the aadhar card because the aadhar card is created for every one of the people that are residing in India.
    • You have chosen the aadhar card option.
    • You have uploaded the scanned photograph of the Id proof that you chose there.
    • Click on upload the Id proof then after your Id proof is uploaded on the official website.
    • Now you have accepted the declaration form, in this form you have seen some affidavit.

  • Now you have accepted the terms and conditions and filled the captcha that you have shown below to this terms and conditions section.
  • Now you click on the send otp, You have given the otp that mobile number you associate when you have joined the Rcm Business.
    • You have to Put the OTP and click on the submit Button.

    This complete working application has been submitted to the head office of the Rcm Business. And you have followed the declarations that i mention upward.You have purchase the products in the Rcm Business

    Pickup centre within one month. When you purchase all products in the Rcm Business on your Rcm Business Id then after 2 or 4 days your Id is activated successfully. And then your name is shown with the Id number.

    So, these are the following steps that you have followed.Guy’s it’s a very easy and it all the true not fake.I am also the member of the Rcm Business then i will tell you with my all experiences.

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