Top 5 Best Video Editing Apps For Android – Best Video editing apps for android

Video editing is not a big deal today, just the right video editing app and the best platform is needed. Today we have brought the top 5 best video editing apps for you that will reverse your life along with your video.

Today, people open their Youtube channel on Youtube. Bust video is much more impressive but editing is too poor because it lacks the best editing apps.Many of the video editing apps are available in the market but today i am sharing with you top 5 best video editing apps for android and they are absolutely free.

I am also a video creator and I edit my videos by using an android handset.You have to bring an android handset if you haven’t. I experienced these apps, they are absolutely awesome.

So, i will talk about these top 5video makers, free video editors and best video editing apps for android that i mentioned below.


Kinemaster is one of the best video editing apps in my list.All of the functions are available in this video editing app that are available in premium apps.Kinemaster app exists in 2 categories.

  • Free version : Kinemaster logo with free version may video.When you export the video, the logo comes with the video and it seems is very bad behaviour.So i recommend that you use only premium features.
  • Premium Version : Premium versions have many features that help to make the best quality videos and there is no logo or mark of any kind. So, I suggest a premium version for you.

If you have not any cost to buy this tool or premium software then many of the options are available on the internet. So use them to edit your videos.


Filmora apk is on the second place of my  list because it has more features but not as competition like kinemaster.You can do anything edited by filmora but at a limited stage. If you create the professional video then you have used the Filmora pro version for your editing.

This premium version is awesome. When you edit the video then your video looks like a professional video.

Special Hidden Features of Filmora Pro

  1. Default Duration : Default duration is the basic hidden feature which helps to set the Photo duration, Transition Duration, Perfect Duration and freeze duration. These are all having different work. When you will work on it then you understand clearly.
  2. Photo Placement : Photo Placement helps to create the expat ration that you want without changing any ration of the image. Absolutely it is a very great feature in Filmora Pro.
  3. Insert Mode : It is the most useful hidden feature in Filmora pro apk that means when you come back any track on the palette then where is placed this track.

So, these are the 3 secret hidden features in the Filmora Pro apk that you can use.

Adobe Premiere Clip

Adobe Premiere Clip is on third place in my list. This app is based on the Adobe premiere Pro CC. But Adobe Premiere Pro CC is made For Laptops or Computers . Adobe Premiere clip is basically used in android handsets.

Some device Processors are not enough for using this app.

Basic Feature of this Adobe Premiere clip is that automatic video creation capability. By using this app you can edit multiple functions like music, trimming, speed, cutting, effects and transitions etc.


Quik is fourth place on my list.The best feature of the quik is that it comes with automatic video editor.

You can crop, trim, change text, fonts, effects and transition etc.It is one of the best tools for video editing.

The video quality of this app is more energetic.High capability of tools to use the functions.


Funimate is the last app in my list. It has no more features. But the available features are more valuable and different work.

This app is required the sign in before using the app. You all data will be save at time to time.If you want then you can use this app.

So these are the top best apps for video editing.M<y best app is kinemaster that i used in my android handset. You can choose anyone by your choice. This all apps are available in the google play store.

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