What are the important Steps to Success in Rcm Business

We all know that the success in Rcm Business is not easy. But it is not difficult.Now, today we are discussing how to become a success in Rcm Business. So let me introduce you with 6 basic, 8 Important core steps and 6 Cardinal rules.

6 Basics

  • Use the products and retail the product
  • Maintain the diamond club
  • Make the list of prospect
  • Contact and invite
  • Show The Plan
  • Follow up
  • Start up

8 Important Core steps

  • Set your goal
  • Show minimum 5 plan in a week
  • Purchase / Retail minimum 5000 B.V. Product in A month
  • Listen a CD Daily
  • Read recommended books at least 30 minutes daily
  • Attend minimum one seminar program in a month
  • Counsel with your active upline in a month
  • Be consistent and be positive

6 Cardinal rules

  • Never do new anything before counseling with your active and growing upline
  • Never pass any negative down line and cross line.
  • Never mass up with anybody’s money . ego and the family
  • Never do criticize,condemn and complain
  • Mind your own business
  • Don’t discuss with cross line
  • Never use alcohol 
  • Never  use smoking in business

Why Rcm Business

  • Extra income for fulfilling the needs
  • For economic freedom
  • Self business
  • Personality development
  • Social services
  • New friendship
  • Secured future

Comparison between Traditional market and Rcm Business

Traditional Market

  • Investment high
  • Full time
  • Office or shop for place
  • High Risk
  • Very loss possible
  • Profit may be

Rcm Business

  • No investment
  • Utilisation of spare time
  • Through home
  • Nothing risk
  • Nothing loss
  • Only profit

10 Basic steps of Rcm Business

  1. Deeply study the Rcm Business plan and its benefits
  2. Make list of friends and relatives
  3. Invite prospect in seminar and follow up of them
  4. Use and promote Rcm Business promotional materials and Rcm Times
  5. Share Rcm Concept with minimum two new person everyday
  6. Attends all meeting and functions
  7. Use all Rcm Products and educate downlimers to do the same
  8. Share the product with new person
  9. Always think positive and be positive
  10. Be in regular touch with downline distributors

Three main sources of Educations


  • Read Rcm books for 15 to 30 minutes everyday
  • These books are written on the basis of the experience
  • Reading once is not sufficient so read the book again and again
  • Your task does not comes to end just by going through the books, it is necessary to understand deeply all the content and follow them


  • Listen to one Rcm Cassette every day.
  • Listen and see the youtube videos and be motivated.
  • Use extra features to get from the internet and anywhere

Seminar and Trainings

  • Reach one time in seminar and training programs
  • Be present during the entire programs

This is to be kept in mind that you karbon a great mission while doing Rcm Business for which you need throughout trainings and the programs and educations. These small tips are very helpful and supportive for the same.

Aware about these concept

  • Never adopt any new method without verifying from the company
  • Never pass or negative thinking to your downlines and the crosslines
  • Never hurt to anyone dignity’s, never behave differently on cast religious basis, never hate anyone and never be angry
  • Never deceive anyone and don’t misuse money
  • Don’t misbehave with the females
  • Don’t use liquors at your business site
  • Don’t complain abuse misbehave and hilarious with anyone
  • Don’t tell a lie and don’t be proud

How to works the Rcm Business.

 You have to make a small decision to use Rcm Business products because they are original, having high standards of quality and responsible price along with the source of extra income.

After using this product and feeling satisfied with the qualification and concept you can share your views with your friends and relatives. This way they will also start using the product and in the same way your friends also convey their vows to their friends and their relatives. 

Thus the company does not enquire any advertisement , any marketing agent, any area distributors or retailers for selling the products. the company saves a lot of money and distributes it to you and your friends . Day by day as your group expands your income with increase .

Important Points

It is advisable to understand Rcm Business before joining. It is not a money circulation scheme or easy way to earn money(earning without anything). It is an effective way of selling products by the manufacturer to the consumer directly.

The object behind this is to provide original and best quality product at a responsible price. one can make money out of it by publicizing and participating in this system.

To earn commission it is mandatory to have their own repurchase in the same month

Please understand the importance of your application number because the same is your distributor number also.

Please feel in the application form carefully because it will be treated as rejected in case of any overwriting in the name and sponsor number of applicants.

Supplementary application form cannot be issued in any case, please keep the form safe.

Don’t make any payment without getting your products.application form and the product because the company provides all things full payments against.

To continue the distribution it is necessary to send specified renewal from every year.

To get more knowledge please go through the book ” How To Do Rcm Business”.

  • To the journey of success
  • To the door of the opportunities
  • To the land of the celebrations
  • Learn your job properly and success will come to you.

First indian multilevel marketing company which provides income to a large number of the peoples with its most innovative marketing plan.

The aim of the Rcm Business is to provide Economic Freedom with participating business. Comes joins the journey of success.The positive thinking is the vision of the success.

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